Blue BLT SaladI had a dream on Sunday about blowing too much money from our food budget at Sainsburys, and so I was very careful on Monday to not let that happen. I wanted to go there for the local turkey lunch meat, so I figured I could also pick up two dinner items for the week, whatever was on sale. With about £30, I purchased a whole organic chicken, four pieces of bacon for a salad, a pound of ground turkey, five yogurts, some organic red kale, three tomatoes, a spice rub my husband wanted to try and well, if I’m forgetting anything, so be it.

I was about to choose between Gorgonzola or regular old blue cheese for the salad, too, but my husband reminded me we had blue in the house from the farmer’s market — yea! I get so excited by the little “saves” like that. So we had a blue BLT salad: blue cheese, bacon, arugula and organic tomatoes. It was SO good! The cheese really made it, but I was also proud of myself for picking the perfect amount of bacon and not being shy about just asking for four slices, instead of a half pound, or a quarter pound, or whatever. I wanted four slices, so all I got were four slices. (It’s the little things that make me happy.)

My husband dished up the goods before I was able to snap a picture, but with such simple ingredients you can imagine how it looked and tasted! With a little bread and fruit on the side, we had a nice family meal, a walk, and finally gave the baby a bath in the “real” tub — I know, he’s 14 months old, so #1 he’s not really a “baby” any more and #2 it took us long enough; our stopper leaked before and we kept forgetting to buy a rubber one at Wickes. He loved it, just like our little whale kiddie pool, and all in all it was a great night.

Hope your week is going well!

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