Best Slush Puppy MachineSlushies are refreshing and the kids love it. You can buy slushies from the supermarket or the alternative option is to make them from the comfort of your own home. To make the perfect slushy, a slush machine is necessary. Thankfully, this device is now widely available. When looking for the perfect slush puppy machine, there are a few different aspects to consider.


You should be clear of what you want your slush puppy machine for. If you were planning on buying one for commercial use, the best thing to do would be to look for a model that is fit for it. Consider where you will put it and how the location can affect your machine and the product. If you want a home slush machine for your kids, you should also consider how safe it is to use.


If you’re looking for a home slush machine, why not buy a smaller one that you can store in your countertops or on small tables? On the other hand, if you’re planning to sell slushies, you may want one that can last longer. You can look for freestanding ones for commercial purposes and one that can store more to cater high demands.

Freeze Time

Whether it is for home use or for commercial, you want the best slush for everyone. The consistency of the slush is important that is why you need to keep it frozen. Some machines have a setting to choose the right level of consistency so think about this feature. Other machines cannot keep up with the heat especially when these slush machines are put outdoors. Upon browsing for a slushy maker, think about the freeze time.

Automatic or Manual

Slush machines come in different types. There are those that can be manually refilled. These are great for home use. Alternatively, you could get an automatic slush puppy machine that combines a powder mix into water. All of this is happening without you or any person doing work. All it takes is 5 minutes.


Keep in mind that a device that’s suitable for commercial use will cost more than home slush machines. This is because you need to please the customers and to do that, you need a machine that can give them the best product. However, the best machines aren’t always pricey. You just need to be keen in looking for the right one for you.


When purchasing a slush machine, make sure the manufacturer is credible and trusted by many. Contact the seller to ask for a warranty. This way, you can get a replacement if there are inconsistencies in their claims.

Whatever machine you opt for, keep in mind the safety of your family and other people who will use it. You can now have more fun knowing that you are away from hazards.

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